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Apologies if this is old news but I haven't seen it mentioned on any of my f-list (and I know you're all above such trivialities as Saturday evening competitive reality celeb shows), and I feel the need to draw your attention to Robert Webb's jawdropping rendition of the big number from Flashdance from last night's Let's Dance for Comic Relief.

It's here (UK residents only).

In other telly news, you may be pleased to know that the BBC kids' department is doing a really big push on popular science. CBeebies has Nina and the Neurons, which I loathe, but which is certainly doing experimental science for the under 5s, with controls and every thing. My children are clearly not alone in adoring Brainiac on Sky, which I do let them watch despite the phenomenal sexism because I'm weak, so CBBC have signed Richard Hammond up for Blast Lab, which is just like Brainiac, but without the bikini clad totty and with a kids game show crudely stuck on top. The unclassifiable Little Howard's Big Questions recently did a daytrip to JET, Gastronuts is doing very entertaining weird food science (demonstrating what a calorie is by setting light to a liquid oxygen soaked jelly baby, lining up car-parks full of potato batteries to run a stereo), Ed and Oucho's Excellent Inventions although a bit clunking at times, is doing good basic physics/mechanics and Get 100 continues to be a hard core mental arithmetic game show.

On the subject of the great Blue Peter ratings crisis that's been in the press, I can only hypothesize that the 100,000 viewers who have left the programme since last year may be not dissimilar to the number of mums and teenage daughters who are markedly less likely to make the effort to tune in now that there's no longer any hope of seeing Gethin Jones in a gratuitous sauna scene (plus the dads and teenage boys regretting the absence of Zoe Salmon (former Miss Northern Ireland) and the lovely Konnie Huq - but they were much less likely to be called upon to strip, after a brief but regrettable phase when Zoe kept being called upon to model bikinis). Andy Akinwolere is still there, and still as handsome as ever, and just great with the kids, but he's not presented as Mum Candy, and the new two have reverted (probably rightly) to wacky older sibling type.
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and have experienced the downside of parenthood in a big big way. I will tell you about it when it's all panned out, I hope, and pray.

So I feel the need to tell you that one upside of parenthood is that I get to watch The Secret Show ten times a week. Truly it is the Danger Mouse de nos jours, with a side order of Junior Futurama. If you unexpectedly find yourself in front of a telly at 8am or 11am on a Saturday morning (or pretty much any time on CBBC) then you could do a lot worse.


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