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and it is.....small drum roll....
Teeny toads-in-holes made with precooked chipolatas in a muffin tin!
Unmistakeably British, quick and easy to make in large numbers, can be eaten with fingers, is still yummy when luke-warm and fulfills first law of primary age catering - All Children Love Sausages (as long as you've checked that they are allowed to eat the relevant meat). Tiny's class mate ran past clutching two, and squealing "It's Yorkshire Pudding! And it has a sausage in it!"

The other parents also played a blinder as usual - each year I am gobsmacked by the handmade creation of something that I thought you could only ever buy in shops, and this year it was Speculoos, which I have eaten many times in Belgium, but it had never occurred to me could be made domestically - also rather surprised that our school has a token Belgian - none more multi-national!

I should make it plain that He did the actual cooking, and they turned out extremely well given that we've never cooked the minature version before, and he's never cooked Toad at all.

They also did mass formation Country Dancing - all 300+ of them all round the playground. I feel our cultural heritage has been well and truly celebrated.
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Actually, this is not a really tedious essay on national identity, but a request for recipes. Small's school is doing a Food of All Nations special and wants us to bring our "traditional cultural dishes".

The school is about 40% English speaking, but most of that 40% will have more interesting culinary traditions to call on than steak and kidney pie, so I feel some need to make a showing. I am in strong denial about my English heritage, so feel the need to go Welsh (my genetic majority), He is not in denial about his English heritage (having no other choice) but only if it is West Midlands orientated, and suggests pork scratchings, or possibly a Balti.

I have no idea where one buys laverbread or how (or indeed whether) one cooks it, so unless anyone has any brillianter ideas it's going to have to be Welsh Cakes (which do have the major advantage of being fun for Small and her little Welsh mate to help cook). I could perhaps have my arm twisted to do English British food, but can only think of scones, which are no improvement on Welsh cakes (and mine never rise).


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