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I think that today, Doctor Who went the way that Green Wing went a few weeks ago.

Those who read my occasional rants here will know that I have a real problem with annoying fictional characters. Even though I know that they have been written to be annoying, I still find them so annoying that I can no longer extract any pleasure from a book/film/programme with them. For example, Cordelia and later Faith from Buffy (couldn't watch it); Mr Drawlight from Strange & Norrell (couldn't finish it); a few weeks ago, Dr Secretan from Green Wing (can't watch it any more).

And now, Rose in Doctor Who. I don't care that it's obvious that the whole series arc is Icarussing her up to a melted wings/ocean splatter scenario; I just can't stand to watch her any more, she just irritates me so much. (I suppose it might help if she was acted better, but I suspect that all of BBC Wales' planks of wood got used up on making David Tennant.) Oh well, I'm the one who's going to miss out.

Still. Lego Star Wars II comes out on 12 September; only four months to go for some proper (and well-acted) SF.

(LJ's spellchecker suggested "cretin" and "scrota" for Secretan. I thought I should share that with you.)
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Just rewatched New Earth, and I have to say how much it sucked. Suffered on the first viewing from watching it without Small (whose mad squeeing adds incalculably to my own enjoyment) and with my parents who haven't been watching and hated every minute of it.
It wasn't lousy from start to finish (unlike Him I didn't have any particular problems with the acting), there was quite a lot of good stuff in there, but the pacing was crap, the plot was all over the place and made no kind of sense, and the finale of the zombie plot was like a ghastly pastiche of The Doctor Dances (and given my views on the subject of Empty Child/Doctor Dances, this borders on sacrilege and is the real reason I hated it so much).
Roll on Queen Victoria and the kung fu monks, but most of all roll on something not written by Russell T Davis (the man can write dialogue, but he really needs help with his plotting).

Also, re the great cash for honours thing, can anyone enlighten me on something I've been wondering, where did the money that people spent on Lloyd George's peerages actually go, were the cheques made out to D. Lloyd George esq. or HM Government, or The Liberal Party?
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Channel 5 announcer last night, trailing the finale of "Trust Me, I'm A Holiday Rep" (in cheesy Radio Fab voice).
"It's the end - but the moment has been prepared for."

I think he just cracked under the knowledge that it's STILL NEARLY THREE BLOODY MONTHS UNTIL BOXING DAY.
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In conversations about New Who before it aired, people looked incomprehendingly when I said, "And Steven Moffat!"
They saw the Coupling DVD's nestling on the shelf next to Buffy, Futurama, and Ultraviolet and jumped to (admittedly entirely correct) conclusions about my feelings for Jack Davenport.
They backed away nervously some years ago when in response to the statement that there was nothing on the box that night I squeaked brightly "Except Chalk!"

But I was looking forward to this two parter more than any other episodes because I knew that Moffat had a truly great episode in him... and I refer you to my statement made above.
extended wibbling about The Doctor Dances, spoilers for those who were away this weekend )
I have only one real regret. Coupling viewers will know that Moffat's true speciality is the scene which can be viewed two or more times from different perspectives - revealing more information each time you see it. And he's been hired to work on a show with a time machine. Let's not call it a missed opportunity - let's call it the best incentive yet to look forward to series two and beyond.


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