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The young people today really really love the steampunk.

The preteens today really really love the board games.

Muggle Quidditch totally works as a game. The UK national team had a much better kit than any Olympics squad of recent years.

Theatres have dimmable house lights for a reason.

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Barrowman in the Wicker Man. With Lulu in the Christopher Lee role.


Jul. 23rd, 2014 09:33 pm
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Barrowman! We should have guessed! Tunnocks teacakes, Nessie, and Barrowman - none more Scottish!
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Took Small to see Days of Future Past and we enjoyed it, but ..... (Cut for spoilers but not really spoilers because of the crushing narrative inevitability

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Any ideas?

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We went to see the Lego movie, obviously, and we had a lovely time. Because we saw it at Westfield, and we are very suggestible, we then went onto the Lego shop to do some playing and shopping (Micro scale Millennium Falcon is the cutest thing ever).

We got chatting to the keen young employees. They have not seen the Movie yet - they are eagerly anticipating their Team Outing next week. As I was paying, Everything Is Awesome came on on the store speakers, and I realised they were playing the movie soundtrack. I looked at the assistant's face and asked "So, you're hearing that song quite a lot?" "Every fifth track" was the reply.

One of the chirpier staff was singing along. If you hear of a grisly unexplained murder in Westfield Shepherd's Bush, where all the victim's co-workers refuse to make any comment, it will be him.

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How long would it actually take to get from the dead centre of Edinburgh to Central London (let's say Trafalgar Square) by plane? Hand luggage only.

I know it's about 5 hours by train, (15 minutes to station, 4:20 on train, 20 mins from Kings X to wherever) so I'm trying to work out how much time I'd actually save by flying and whether it's worthwhile.

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What I said above - existing laptop is on last legs and needs replacing asap. Is Windows 8 really dodgy, or will we get used to it?

What do we need to bear in mind when picking a new one? I have it in my mind that we want 8 GB RAM, is that right? Existing laptop is Acer and has been crap from day 1 so am thinking Samsung, Lenovo or possibly Toshiba - should I look anywhere else?
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I have just spent a merry half hour trying to extract compost from the bottom of the Dalek to make space for the weeds and grass clippings to go in the top.

This has been a deeply tedious job because the "degradable" cornstarch compost caddy liners which I used to use until about a year ago when it became evident that they do not work as advertised have made an impermeable web of semi-degraded plastic string.

But I'm used to that - what I was surprised by was the "home compostable" Abel & Cole plastic bag, still 100% intact, with all its writing entirely legible, still full of the potato peelings I put in there a year ago. The semi-decomposed peelings went back onto the top of the bin for another trip through - the bag went straight into the bin and off to landfill. There were two if them, and I probably have a few more to find.

Fortunately many of my work colleagues buy their lunchtime sandwiches in cute little brown paper bags, and I've trained a couple of them to pass them on to me, so I do have an endless supply of free caddy liners which actually do biodegrade.
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It has been brought to my attention that opinions may vary on the correct answer to my Interesting General Knowledge Question.

Here (under the cut) are the issues at stake:Read more... )
So, a poll.
[Poll #1921425]
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The BBC has been called up on its description of Nelson Mandela as the "first black president of South Africa" on the grounds that "first democratically elected president of South Africa" should trump that.

Which made me think. By that definition, who was the first democratically elected prime minister of the UK? President of the US? National political leader anywhere in the world?

Be prepared to defend your choice for the US. The UK is workoutable if you have solid general knowledge, but I'd be deeply impressed if anyone knew the last one without Google. (Himself guessed the UK and guessed the country of the last one, but not the person)

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Modern middle-aged middle-class theatre audiences just can't cope with all the passive smoking any more.

Just been to see Old Times (not my usual cup of tea but I'm easily swayed by the prospect of The Lovely Rufus Sewell) and while it was very good, the random coughs from the audience as the cast lit up yet another round of fags were quite distracting.

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The Smalls are currently enjoying the delights of The Iron Legion, a selection of Doctor Who (Tom Baker) comics strips from the 1980s by Gibbons, Mills and Wagner. I haven't even read it myself yet, and it will have to be very good indeed to beat the fun I'm having seeing them enjoying it.

Sometime soon I will need to dig out my old 2000AD collection - I knew there was a reason why I wanted to be a parent.
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Jupiter looking extremely bright tonight, I really must get some decent binoculars for Xmas. It won't be quite as bright tomorrow but still worth looking out for if it's clear.

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My father wants only one thing for Christmas - a new PC strategy war game to match his favourite: Cossacks. He has loads of others from a few years ago, but since they've gone out of fashion he hasn't found any recent good ones. Any brilliant ideas?

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I have belatedly discovered the joys of "Cabin Pressure", a cracking Radio 4 sitcom in the classic mould.

The nice thing about discovering it late, in this modern 21st century world in which we live in, is that I have now downloaded all three series and the Christmas Special and can binge massively on my way to work. One series down, and am transferring the rest to my iPhone as I type.

But the really nice thing, having loved series 1, is to find a fansite where they have voted on their favourite episodes, and dicovered that only one of the season 1 episodes features in the top half of the poll. I think that the Northern Line will have no fears for me next week.

All I need now is to score tickets for the recording of Season 4 (chance will be a fine thing) and my happiness will be complete.
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You know the score - nearest book, page 52, fifth sentence, don't mention what book it is:

"Let's now put our theories into practice and, after having demonstrated to you that you can do everything without committing a crime, let's commit a villainy or two to convince ourselves that everything can be done."
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God I'm knackered. And sunburnt.

But it is all lovely and the thousands of volunteers/workers could not have been nicer. I would heartily recommend a cheap ticket to the Paralympics (Olympic Park venues only) if you can get one, because the park and the buildings are stunning.

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Aug. 3rd, 2012 07:40 pm
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There are swifts (I think) picking off gnats from the ponds, and we saw a dragonfly. It is all quite lovely.

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Aug. 3rd, 2012 12:57 pm
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We are here! It is sunny and the bees ate enjoying the flower meadow as we eat our picnic. Every now and then there is a spectacular noise from the stadium as Jessica Ennis does something particularly impressive.

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