Aug. 23rd, 2016

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Tiny is now 12. Go Tiny! He has celebrated this by spontaneously deciding that he is OK with long form narrative fiction (as opposed to Haynes manuals, WWII plane spotters guides and popular science books with cartoons in).

I waved the Martian under his nose again after he didn't fancy persevering with it a year ago, and he finished it in 36 hours, and he grabbed a collection of Stephen Baxter's Xeelee stories from a library display and devoured them too.

So what I want is big hard science fiction with gripping plots and big ridiculous spaceships, but without content that's unsuitable for a twelve year old who thought that the problem with Pacific Rim was that it had too much character developement. So the obvious choice of Iain M Banks is probably the wrong answer.

Any brilliant ideas?
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And, hot on the heels of Her post about Small's indoctrination, I can report on spotting some actual famous* people! It's been so long, it's like London has gone totally civilian.

Anyway, yesterday, for the first time in months, I spotted someone who I would consider famous. I realize that many people will react with "Who?", but for people who read the esoteric gentleman's publications** that I read, Michael "Atters" Attree is proper famous. He was in (a) earnest conversation with a lady, and (b) an awfully loud striped suit, so I'm sure it was him.

Having failed to post about that, I was rewarded today with a sleb spot of someone who even you (yes, you) will have heard of (ok, maybe not you). Paul Gambaccini, walking along the South Bank by the Founders' Arms in shorts, and I can report with pleasure that he has great legs.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I'm still holding out for Moby and/or Tom Baker. I'll settle for Ed Balls (who wouldn't?).

*For certain values*** of famous

**The Chap (although that Wikipedia suggests that Atters has also written for less salubrious gazettes...)

***Certain small values (sorry Atters)


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