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And we've got a cracker of a celeb spot to end the year on, made even better because we (all four of us, and a set of parents and a brother-in-law) were all talking about our celeb-spotting exploits (in the Pilot Inn in Dungeness, they do excellent fish and chips). Apparently, Ro*y M*Grath (asterisks added to obscure his name, as I'm about to be rude about him) is a bit of an arse, in that he does the proper "Do you know who I am?" malarkey, M*randa *art (asterisks added again, for similar reasons) is a right cow, and Dickie Davies is absolutely lovely.

But anyway, as we were waiting for lunch to arrive, and dissing R*ry McGr*th and Miran*a Ha*t, who should we see but... Vic "Jim Moir" Reeves. Having lunch with the current Mrs Moir, two junior Moirs, and (I assume) his mum. (And the junior Moirs were an absolute credit to him, in that they were in the lavs with Mrs Brixtonbrood, and washed their hands without being asked.) We were all far too shy to actually go up to him and say "We love your work, Mr Mortimer", but all the same, VIC BLOODY REEVES!

And then, I had that strange feeling where, when you've seen one celeb, you then wind up seeing other celebs in the faces of civilians. I could have sworn that Val McDermid and Paolo di Canio were in the room as well. Mrs Brixtonbrood pointed out that Jim Moir actually lives near Dungeness, whereas Ms McDermid and Mr di Canio don't (and so were unlikely to be having lunch in the Pilot), which then lurched into pitching a Radio 4 sitcom where Paolo di Canio (voiced by Bruno Tonioli) and Val McDermid (voiced by Sean Connery) live in Derek Jarman's cottage on the shingle, and hilarity ensues. (Warning: hilarity may not actually ensue.)

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Date: 2015-12-31 07:43 am (UTC)
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Ro*y M*Grath was a regular traveller on the earliest non-peak Cambridge-London train when I used to use it quite frequently. He seemed to me to be reasonably happy to play the jovial celeb, joking around in a fairly laddish way, but clearly with limits on how much of his time he wanted to spend with celeb hunters. He may have viewed being on the train as a kind of performance, I suppose. I never spoke to him myself though, not a big fan.

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Date: 2015-12-31 01:49 pm (UTC)
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I'd listen to that sitcom! :-)


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