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I was at RAF Hendon on Saturday, with Tiny, and I saw, ooh, you know, her, she reads the news, ooh, what's her name...

It bugged me all day. I couldn't place her voice (which she was using quite a lot to try to get the children she was with to do as they were told, but they didn't, the little sods; not as bad as the group of Scouts though, they were awful, shouty little buggers, no wonder people hate them), and I eventually realized that it was because she (as well as doing the odd bit of TV) presents the Today Programme.

I never willingly listen to the Today Programme; to quote Gideon Defoe (second only to Flavious the Baer in quotability), "The Pirate Captain awoke to the sound of terrible screams, which instantly put him in a bad mood, because in the era before John Humphrys 'terrible screams' was the worst noise you could wake up to". So I'd heard her voice, but only in a scrabbly "Oh ah bolox today program shut up" clamour for the snooze button, and it had never really stuck in my slippery just-woken state.

Anyway. Mishal Husain. I think it still counts as a sleb spot if you spot someone who you realize is a sleb, but who you can't name. Like Boyzone. Or him, you know, out of that band; not them, the other ones.*

Not as good as Ray Fines, though. Or notMoby.

*Muse!! Yes, Muse.**

**No, I don't know their names either.
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